Join us

Become active with us because we are the student voice of young scientists!  

We need a change towards a fairer, more transparent and more efficient scientific practice! With student motivation, a willingness to change and a great shared vision - which is already visible on our platform - this bottom-up cultural change is possible!  

Become part of an inspiring community of students with and without a scientific background! With us, your ideas will be heard and implemented - with impact, because we are already a respected player in the publishing and open science world!

What we offer

A large team from disciplines ranging from biochemistry to nursing, spread across Germany and the world.

Students who are keen on the "meta level", super committed and with lots of visions that we put into practice together.

Exciting contacts and partners and, above all, the opportunity to get others on board - as I said, the idea is pretty well received and perhaps there are also exciting institutions in your field that you have always wanted to cooperate with.

A very agile field of work in which everyone contributes what they can and want to - on a voluntary and student basis and always inspiring.

Visibility - in conference visits, publications and events organized by us.

We are looking for you ...

with your organizational and management talents: Support us to organize our Germany-wide initiative even smarter with a few members, to communicate even better and to build the framework for ingenious reform ideas.  

... with your contacts: Help us to keep expanding our network of sponsors, universities, other initiatives, consultants, experts, authors and interested parties!  

with your creativity: Design our social media posts, the layout of our brand, our issues or our website - even without any previous scientific experience! We and the research we publish should look modern, clear and aesthetic! 

... with your technical know-how: Join us in building technical infrastructures that make science communication clearer and more transparent and meet the requirements of open science publishing!  

with your interprofessional background: Help us to make our services even more inclusive and broader and thus reach more and more healthcare professions! 

as a link between authors and reviewers: Enable student authors as part of our editorial team to gain a low-threshold and closely supervised publication experience during their studies and organize the review by our trained reviewers. You've never been so close to publishing - science at first hand!  

... with your opinions: Publish from our team in our publishing section if you have a topic related to research or publishing that you would like to share your thoughts on! 

with your reform idea: Shape our ideal of a modern scientific reality together with like-minded people in our think tank and bring these ideas to the community at festivals, conferences and panel discussions.  

... with your motivation for peer teaching: As part of our Educational Team, help organize our courses and sensitize other interested students to the principles of good scientific work, scientific reviewing and scientific methodology. Help us fill this gap in German curricula and teach these valuable skills hands-on and in entertaining, interactive formats to more and more students.