Dies ist die Geschichte einer spannenden Vision, eines wunderbaren Teams und vieler inspirierender Herausforderungen. Seit der Gründung der Initiative im Oktober 2020 ist viel passiert.


October 2020
Foundation of Berlin Exchange Medicine

December 2020
First Call for Team Members (establishment of the initial team)


March 2021
Foundation of “Berlin Exchange”

June 2021
Launch of our website
Establishment of our journal structures

August 2021
First BEM summer party in Berlin

October 2021
First Call for Papers and Call for Reviewers

November 2021
Official cooperation with the Berlin University Alliance

December 2021
First Peer Review Crash Courses


January 2022
First online publications on our journal website on PubPub
First broad media coverage in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Deutschlandfunk

April 2022
Foundation of the BEM-Tank as our in-house student-run think tank

May 2022
Publication of first online preprint Second Peer Review Crash Course

June 2022
First Peer Review Fellowship

August – October 2022
Participation in: Open Science Festival 2022, Z2X Festival of ZEIT Online, Oxford/Berlin Summer School on Open Research
Co-organization of 7th Conference on Student Research by the Berlin University Alliance

December 2022
Third Peer Review Crash Course


January 2023
Participation in Academic Publishing in Europe Conference

May 2023
First Educational Journal Club
Fourth Peer Review Crash Course

June 2023
Participation in: Open Science Festival 2023, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Berlin

October 2023
Publication of first special issue “Exploring the Future of Science – Student perspectives”
Rebranding from Berlin Exchange Medicine (BEM) to Student Network for Open Science (NOS)